Which element has highest boiling point?

The chemical element with the lowest boiling point is Helium and the element with the highest boiling point is Tungsten.

How do you know which element has the highest boiling point?

The following features will have the effect of creating a higher boiling point:

  1. the presence of a longer chain of atoms in the molecule (more polarizable)
  2. functional groups that are more exposed (that is, at the end of a chain, rather than in the middle)

Which has the highest boiling point?

Carbon has the highest melting point at 3823 K (3550 C) and Rhenium has the highest boiling point at 5870 K (5594 C).

What 3 elements have the highest boiling point?

Boiling point

  • H hydrogen (H2) use. 20.271 K. −252.879 °C. −423.182 °F. WebEl. 20.28 K. …
  • He helium. use. 4.222 K. −268.928 °C. −452.07 °F. WebEl. 4.22 K. …
  • Li lithium. use. 1603 K. 1330 °C. 2426 °F. WebEl. 1615 K. …
  • Be beryllium. use. 2742 K. 2469 °C. 4476 °F. WebEl. 2742 K. …
  • B boron. use. 4200 K. 3927 °C. 7101 °F. WebEl. …
  • C carbon (graphite)

What increases boiling point?

Compounds that can hydrogen bond will have higher boiling points than compounds that can only interact through London dispersion forces. An additional consideration for boiling points involves the vapor pressure and volatility of the compound. Typically, the more volatile a compound is, the lower its boiling point.

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Why does boiling point increase across a period?

Across the period from left to right of the periodic table size of atoms decreases. As the size decreases the strength of van der Waals forces also decreases. … If intermolecular forces increase, the vapor pressure of the compound decreases, and hence the boiling point of the compound increases.

Which element has lowest boiling point?

The noble gases all have low boiling points : helium, at the top of group 0, has the lowest boiling point of any element.

Which group has lowest melting point?

The chemical element with the lowest melting point is Helium and the element with the highest melting point is Carbon. The unity used for the melting point is Celsius (C).

What is melting and boiling point?

melting point is the temperature at which a solid changes into a liquid. boiling point is the temperature at which a liquid changes into a gas.