How do I cook a Sam’s spiral ham?

How do you make a Sam’s Club spiral ham?

I lined a roaster in foil, poured the juice from the package into the pan and put the ham cut side down on top. Then I covered the ham in foil tightly and put it into a 325 oven for 25 minutes. THEN I turned the oven up to 350 for 15 more minutes.

How long does a 10 pound spiral ham take to cook?

How Long to Bake Ham. It will normally take about 10-15 minutes per pound to heat the spiral sliced ham to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. We set our oven to 350 degrees and plan for it to take about 1 1/2 to 2 hours for the nearly 10 pound hams we buy.

How long does it take to cook a Sam’s Choice spiral ham?

Remove all packaging material from ham, cover tightly with aluminum foil and place in pan. 2. Warm ham at 325? F for 10-12 minutes per pound.

How do you cook a Member’s Mark spiral ham?

“WARMING INSTRUCTIONS: Heat oven to 275 degrees, remove all packaging materials from ham. Tightly wrap ham in foil and place in a shallow roasting pan. BAKE FOR APPROXIMATELY 10 MINUTES PER POUND.

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Who makes the best spiral cut ham?

Our winner: HoneyBaked, which was flavorful and consistently moist and tender. The Ratings give details from taste tests in which our experts sampled three hams per brand.

Does Aldi sell spiral ham?

Aldi is a great place to get a ham for your holiday dinner. The discount grocer sells several varieties, including a double glazed spiral sliced ham we’ve reviewed before, an antibiotic-free ham, and a spiral sliced hickory smoked honey ham.

How long does it take to heat a fully cooked spiral ham?

Precooked, spiral sliced ham needs to reheat in the oven 10 minutes per pound at 325 degrees.

Can you cook a spiral ham at 350?

If you’re starting with a fully cooked city ham, bake it in a 350 degree F oven for about 10 minutes per pound. If your ham is only partially cooked, bake it for 20 minutes per pound. To help keep your ham moist and juicy, place the ham cut-side down in a baking pan and tent it with foil.

Do you wash a spiral ham before cooking?

There is no need to rinse, wash, or soak the meat. How should I position the ham? Cook a spiral ham with the cut side down to preserve moisture.

What temperature should a spiral ham be cooked at?

Whole hams should be cooked fat-side up. Cover pan tightly with aluminum foil. Bake at 275˚F for approximately 15 minutes per pound, until heated through (see chart).

How do I heat a spiral sliced ham?

To reheat a spiral-sliced ham in a conventional oven, cover the entire ham or portion with heavy aluminum foil and heat at 325 °F for about 10 minutes per pound. Individual slices may also be warmed in a skillet or microwave.

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