How do you package baked goods as a gift?

Wrapping up homemade baked goods for gifts is all about the presentation. A simple and cost effective way of wrapping up food as a gift is by using wax paper or butcher paper. You can wrap the entire food or fold the paper into a smaller size, wrapping around the bread or cake. Then add a beautiful ribbon.

How do you package homemade food as a gift?

Just line the box with wax paper or baking parchment and place the treats inside. Some items — like note cards sometimes — come in small, attractive sturdy boxes with lids. I tend to keep and re-use these as the packaging for other gifts.

How do you package homemade cookies for gifts?

Slice-and-bake cookies are some of our favorites, and they’re easy to pack up. Just wrap up the logs of cookie dough in waxed paper, then wrap them candy-style in crepe paper or tissue. Tie off the ends with fluffy yarn or ribbon and you’ve got an adorable treat.

How do you package homemade goodies?

Here are five fun ways to package up your homemade treats that even I am excited to try out!

  1. Stack on coasters. Coasters make perfect decorative little plates. …
  2. Wrap in individual serving dishes. …
  3. Wrap like candy. …
  4. Place in egg cartons. …
  5. Stack in mason jars.
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Is homemade food a good gift?

Handmade gifts are the best kind, particularly when they’re edible. They’re so much more personal, and no one can resist a homemade jam or truffle, especially when these gourmet goodies are prettily packaged. The recipes and ideas here are all easy to make and are thoughtful, delicious gifts.

How many cookies should you give as a gift?

Sending two to three cookies per person in a household is polite, she believes. It’s best to send at least a dozen, even for a lone recipient, so the gift doesn’t look sparse. An assortment is often a lovely option, Ms.

What is the best way to ship homemade cookies?

How to Package Cookies for Mailing

  1. Use a durable, rigid box or empty tin as a mailing container. …
  2. Wrap four to six cookies of the same size together in aluminum foil, plastic wrap or plastic bags. …
  3. Don’t pack crisp and soft cookies together.

How do you package homemade truffles?

In order to freeze chocolate truffles, wrap each one in wax paper and put them in airtight containers. Alternately, you can put them in zipper closing freezer bags and be sure to squeeze out all the air before storing.